Whoo!  Glad I’m feeling better than yesterday!  Well maybe I am…maybe I’m not…but I’m trying to stay busy and productive!  I’m about to write my first grant for special needs playground equipment, plus writing two projects , learn PhotoShop, practice my Spanish, join my sorority alumni group, take care of stuff at home, and spend time with my family-especially the sexy BF.  A busy mind is a slightly saner mind!  Lol!  Lately sitting still is just not in my repertoire! I just wish the rest of my family realized that. I’m not a huge TV watcher(it makes my brain feel funny after too long) and gaming is starting to bore me! I just realized what my “new thing” is going to be today….I’m going to unplug from FaceBook permanently. I’ll keep this blog (nicely anonymous) and Pinterest (nobody talks shit on Pinterest). I’m just to old for all the drama and stupidity on FB and all those other sites! Nice! Another project for tonight!